Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Electric Cobalt

Well hello!! I hope your week is wizzing by and the weekend is upon you with many great things in store!

Today's post is all about the electric blue pants! These bad boys were a thrift store score after much much digging! The color and fabric was electrifying and I couldn't resist.  I am a huge purveyor of silky tapered pants in general, but as of lately I'm dying over this electric cobalt color that is so huge for fall/spring!  It's so unexpected.....and I love to clash it up a bit with the printed top to give it a more eclectic feel, but to be honest, day to day I will be wearing these pants with basic tops (black, white, and grey) and when it starts getting a little cooler, some crew neck sweaters!!  Anyway, there you have it!!  If you too love these pants as much as I do, then visit the vintage store here and they can be yours!!

Christa Jayne

Wearing Vintage pants (found here), vintage top, and J.Crew necklace (found here)

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Cassidy Short said...

I love the mixing of prints! And the sunglasses add a feast feminine touch. I would wear those pants with a chunky gray sweeter for fall, love them!


Love, Emily said...

Love the mixed prints! Those are great colors on you.

My Thrifty Chic said...

I love the silhouette and mixed prints!


Cool look, I love the pants!

[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

electric blue and purple, perfect mix!!!


ACT said...

Love the electric blue/purple combo! You always have the best backdrops for your pics!!

xo Ashley

caviar taste said...

Absolutely stunning!! Love everything about this outfit! Especially loving those vintage pants. Just discovered your blog & now following!!!!

Kristin Reynolds said...

im jealous how you have such an eye for such unique things. love love love that outfit.


Lily McNamara said...

great outfit! i love how you tied the top.

Fancy {No}Pants

Kate said...

love the color combination!:)
xx Kate

Anonymous said...

Love your print situation.

dreamingincashmere said...

Great blog!! I am in love with that blouse! Now following you on twitter & bloglovin':) Hope you'll follow me back.
xo, amy
p.s. those custom neon shoes are tdf!!!

evi mili said...

great colours!
love this combination!

Charnele Michel said...

Love the mixing of prints ! Following you ASAP :)

Alice AlwandBlog said...

i love your pants and the mixing of prints

Marsha C said...

Great mix of prints and love that you kept the material weight the same x

Merch Maven said...

Just started reading your blog....absolutely adorable! And congrats on your vintage store. I will definitely be perusing often to see what goodies you have.


Anna Bellaconscience said...

i am so glad i stumbled upon your blog because i am a vintage junkie...this electric blue pants are amazing and you wear them so well.

we are following your blog,
please feel free to follow us:

Becoming Refined said...

The pattern and color mix is so perfect!

Sally O'Gorman said...

That printed shirt is so stunning and gold really brings it out I love it! Great post as always i'm a big fan!! xx

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