Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is it Fall Yet?

GOOD morning!!! I hope you had such an awesome long weekend!

I thought I would start off the week with a fall outfit, even though its still pretty hot in L.A., but you know what, its starting to look more and more like fall and I'm just getting so darn excited about it!! Obviously, what better way to put together a fall outfit then to start it off with an amazing vintage leather jacket (which you can never go wrong with) silky camo pants with zippers (which is by far my favorite part of these pants) and white pumps.  I've never been so into white pumps as I am right now, I want to wear them with everything.  They are so unexpected and I love them!

Anyways hope you have a fantastic rest of your week!

Christa Jayne

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Cassidy Short said...

Love the shoes with that outfit! Are those Katen Walker sunnies?? Love them :)



Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

this whole look is super fantastic love it!

XO Meghan

Shubana Koss said...

I need me some camo :) Great inspiration for fall !
Love, Shushu

ACT said...

That jacket is amaze!! Rocking it, like usual!!

xo Ashley

My Thrifty Chic said...

Gorgeous jacket!!!


Katie Lee said...

Work it girl!!!!

Good news, my blog is almost ready... yippieeee!!! come to Joe's!

dreamingincashmere said...

Those pants look killer on you!! Especially with the jacket!
xx, amy

Love, Emily said...

Love the sunglasses & pants! You can literally pull off anything

Kate said...

love the pants with the leather jacket, actually I love everything with leather jackets;)
xx Kate


[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

Love your shoes and sunglasses!!


Reka said...

wonderful outfit, love your pants and shoes! x

Marsha C said...

Very cool x


ann said...

L O V E your jacket!!!!! aaaah!!
east coast is getting pretty chilly :( enjoy the warmth!


kayla swanson said...

wow love those pants..
i don't know if i could pull them off but you look awesome.

Mind's Eye

Kristin Reynolds said...

you rock those camp pants, looks amazing!



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