Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kill It Slayer Style

Well hello there, and HAPPY New Year!!

I am super pumped to be sharing these photos, because as you know I am sort of a huge fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles!!!  Due to a plethora of HD vintage tees I thought I was done searching out anymore...UNTIL I was beyond delightfully surprised when Noah Dean gave me this new Harley Davidson tee that is really groovy for Christmas!  I don't joke around for one bit when I say he has the most amazing style ever!  Anyways,  I hope that your new year is off to a awesome start and I wish you the happiest new year!!

Wearing vintage fur, Harley Davidson shirt, Zara pants, and Miu Miu sunglasses

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Rea Papathanasiou said...

Happy New Year love!!! May 2013 be the best year so far! The outfit is absolutely perfect for once again! xx

Belle de Couture said...

Those sunnies are dope, Christa! Haven't seen them in black -- love 'em! Diggin' your white heels too! ;)


Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) said...

you look great!

Happy new year.

Cheers, Jacquie

Coline Chavaroche said...

So rock n roll i like this shoot!

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Laura Lopez said...

Love those sunglasses!!


ACT said...

Hot pics! You look so chic next to the harley, this makes me want to take pics with my boyfriends motorcycle!

xo Ashley

Coline Chavaroche said...

Thank you Christa :)



dreamingincashmere said...

Hotness oozing out of these pics like mad!!! I love your vintage fur!

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