Friday, March 29, 2013

Jumper Jammin'

 Well hello there!!  
I hope you're having a fantastic week and you're as stoked as I am on the weekend!!  

Thank you so much for the feedback you have given me, both here and on Instagram, about what vintage pieces you are looking for in the store...keep er' coming!!  I seriously love to hear any and all ideas!  

I can't tell you how much this jumper is my new jam!  I love this vintage Lee jumper so much.  I have been really waiting patiently for it to get just a tad warmer here to actually wear the heck out of this bad boy!!  

I am all about the denim right now!  Especially the perfect denim jacket, but also shirts, overalls, jeans...the whole bit.  I think this jumper looks best solo with a color popping lipstick to really drive the look home!  Anyways, I of course love the simplicity of the jumper with my favorite white pumps and some rad Miu Miu cat eye sunnies!  

Have the most awesome weekend!!!!! 
Talk to you soon!

Christa Jayne

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Rea Papathanasiou said...

you put everything so perfectly together!!!! Sweety where are your white heels from? xx

Fashion or Famine said...

Thank you so much Rea!!! You are seriously the sweetest! My white heels are Enzo Angiolini!
Christa Jayne

Coline Chavaroche said...

I'm not a big fan of the dress but i really like the shoes :)
And once again you are terribly beautiful :)


Coline ♡

Berty Morales said...

You look amazing and I am in love with this entire look! Perfect for this season. Loving the white shoes as well.

Perpetuity said...

Love it all and needing those white heels in my closet! Stalking your store to get first dibs on some great pieces;)

ZxM Style-Squared said...


ACT said...

How do you manage to look fab in every single piece?! You're killing it again here.

xo Ashley

Everythings Always Sunny said...

amazing as always.

rebeccajh said...

You are just too darn cute in everything! You did inspire me to go out and try to find some vintage levi's to make some cute cut offs but no luck. Do you suggest getting sizes that are bigger?


Klavdija.V said...

Amazing photos, amazing style, amazing shoes! Simply fab <3
visit me


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