Friday, July 5, 2013


Nothing like a little ruffle and a crop top to tie a pair of high waisters together!  I have always been one to appreciate a ruffle, especially the more voluminous soft type of ruffle that really drives home the statement!  I also have dived straight into the crop top trend and find it truly awesome in all respects.  It's a wardrobe changer...I've now taken to wanting all sorts of vintage tops that I want to cut into crops as well!

Well there you have it!  A good crop top, ruffle and a high waisted jean!

Have a great week!!!
Talk to you soon!

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Berty Morales said...

You look amazing, and in love with your top!

Coline Chavaroche said...

finally a new post :)
love it you look so beautiful !


Coline ♡

Kristine på Rolfsen said...

These jeans are amazing! Brand and style please?

Fashion or Famine said...

Thank you Kristine!!!
They are Citizens of Humanity!
Christa Jayne

Kristine på Rolfsen said...

Thanks! :-)

Nicol said...

the perfect combo, and can I say I would steal your sunnies, I'm obssesed with them!


Kristine på Rolfsen said...

Citizens of Humanity Arley High WaistedJeans? What colour? :-)

Fashion or Famine said...

Hi Kristine!

I believe the color is Crispy!
Christa Jayne

Laura Lopez said...

love the whole look, that top is so much fun!


rebeccajh said...

Love the crop top trend as well, and you rock it girl! You must share if you crop any of your vintage tops!


Ronesha Joy said...

Oh can I have your top love it so much!!!

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