Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nothing Says Summer Like a Slurpy and......

Hello and good morning to you!!

Today's outfit is a legitimate testament to what I'm wearing a huge majority of the time!!  I am real easy breezy when it comes to my day to day outfits.  I love an amazing pair of shoes that standout, and a good vintage crew neck sweatshirt (if you didn't know that already....by far one of my major staples) and some kind of shorts!!

Have an awesome week!!
Christa Jayne

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Berty Morales said...

Very sexy, and super chic look. Love your hair, it is beautiful!

Rachel Bethke said...

bracelet is epic. omg.

rebeccajh said...

Legs for days! love you style, as always!

Coline Chavaroche said...

gosh your legs are so amazing
and i love the short !


Coline ♡

Sara Miller said...

Those sunglasses are perfect.

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