Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cadillac and the Boots

It's just not everyday that you see a Cadillac in this pristine of condition, you know?!  I am a huge lover of all old cars and would love one myself (a 67' Chevelle to be exact) however, this Cad was really inspiration nation if you know what I mean!  I've been patiently waiting to wear these new over the knee boots out and about and now its finally time, perfect for fall in L.A. !  All you need is a warm sweater or jacket, a great pair of over the knee boots and of course a pair of vintage cutoffs! Done and done!

Have a super awesome day!
Christa Jayne

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Coline Chavaroche said...

i like that shooting
you look amazing
you're such a beauty dear


Coline ♡

Cassidy Short said...

You are such a bombshell! Gorgeous photos :)


Cammila said...

Love it. Everything about it. More badass chicks should wear rockin' clothes and pose by big cars.

Rea Papathanasiou said...

where are the boots from babe? xx

Fashion or Famine said...

Hi Rea!! The boots are from Stuart Weitzman!!!
Christa Jayne

Brooke and Meggan of Somewhere, Lately said...

smokin hot!! xx

Michèle Kruesi said...

fantastic look, dear!

Bianca said...

Wow, the boots look beyond amazing!xx

Froso M. said...

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, just like everything else!

Style Nirvana

Lindsey Hutter said...

Everything about this is amazing. Killer boots. Killer car.

xo, Lindsey

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