Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lace Up Leather and Fur

GOOD morning!!

So today's post is really simple, this is hands down my favorite combination!  Fur and leather are a recipe for an all around great concoction!  I am always drawn to fur, but this one with its rich emerald color kills it for me, and as impractical as one would think with the color its been my main cold weather staple in L.A.!  The leather pants….don't even get me started about how much these suckers are my all time favorite leather pants! The slouchy fit and lace up sides are just too too darn good!

Have a great day!!!

Christa Jayne

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Style Squared said...

Just perfect !!!!

Brooke and Meggan of Somewhere, Lately said...

LOVE! xo

Kelly Ka-Li M said...

The red soles...


Natalie B said...

Love your edgy style! So chic:) We've nominated you for the liebster blog awards! Find out the rules here:

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