Monday, July 23, 2012

Easy Sequins

Hello! Hello!
Man oh man, such a busy week its been!  Lots of really amazing things in the works and I really can't wait to share! So stay tuned for some goodies to come!

This is absolutely my new favorite dress from the designer Single Dress....I am so loving everything about it! The fit is perfect, its got a relaxed fit with low cut, pockets and multi colored sequins to boot!  I found that any shoe or accessory looked great with this dress, but I of course ended up with a my killer stand by's (Camilla Scovgaard heels).  This is the perfect dress for any occasion..I will most definitely be wearing this dress all summer!

Wearing Single Dress (found here) Camilla Scovgaard shoes, and Ray Ban aviators

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mabel matilda said...

love this outfit!!

Christine T said...

AWW! I love the third one with you laughing! It is so refreshing! simple and joyous- there need to be more happy pictures like this on blogs :)

YAY! I also have a new post up ! I hope you can come by and let me know what you think of it! I am your NEWEST follower GFC too- follow back if you like! I am also trying to win $1,000 to donate to help end human trafficking! If you would VOTE HERE It will help me get closer to being top voted and thus winning! Looking forward to your vote and visit! :)

God bless,

Shubana Koss said...

Terribly pretty!!! Also.. what polish are you wearing on your toes?
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Cassidy Short said...

shoes and dress are amaze! and equally as great: your toe nail polish ;)


Lara 109 said...

Gorgeous dress.

Kristin Reynolds said...

this is stunningly beautiful. I'm honestly going to go find that dress and purchase it now.
I'm in love!
i love you blog, i'm defiantly a follower!


Anonymous said...

LoVeLY StYLe : )

Anonymous said...

Hey I just started following your blog and I love it! You look amazing :)

Annie said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the sequins - it's such a fun dress :)

The Other Side of Gray

glasses said...

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