Thursday, July 12, 2012

Faded Jeans and Lavender

Good Morning!
Here I am with another outfit post that pretty much is entirely vintage, which if you haven't noticed by now is pretty much my favorite.   It really adds an element to my style that I truly love!

A lot of my outfits and style is really low maintenance, and honestly, in the summer, as I've said before, consists of a lot of shorts and a lot of easy button ups, vintage tees, and faded or ripped up shorts.  However, there is one thing I insist on, and that is really incredible shoes.  I am always on the hunt for a mind blowing shoes that add a whole other element to an outfit!

If you also LOVE vintage than I must let you know there is some exciting stuff in the works with I think you will be as stoked as I am, so definitely stay tuned!!

Wearing vintage button up, vintage Levi's, Ray Ban Wayfarers, Pour La Victoire shoes, and my favorite Alexis Bittar cuff (similar here)

Christa Jayne

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Cassidy Short said...

love the contrast of casual clothes with killer heels, cute!


Metajojuana Nyt said...

Love your shoes!

Luv, Nyt
Metajojuana under a Starry Nyt

Gaby de Modacapital said...

You look great! Love the color of your shirt! :)

Alyssa said...

Love those shoes!

mabel matilda said...

I love your outfit!!

Kate said...

love the shoes so much, think you have an amazing collection of denim cutoffs and heels:)
xx Kate

glasses said...

Ray Banから、いろいろなことを学びました。レイバンは出来たものに留まらず、また新しいモデルを発表することと同じ、自分ももっと新しい知識を勉強しなければなりません。そして、レイバン wayfarerについてもまだたくさん知りたいです。自分が持つこのイバン RB2140にも感謝したいと思います。

linmin fu said...

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