Friday, July 27, 2012

The Week in Instagram

Happy Friday!!!!
Its that time in the week when I give the week in Instagram!! In all honesty its not really a week its a little bit more, but I haven't had a chance to post them in here you go!  Top to bottom, left to right, was a fantastic road trip to our friends wedding in Northern California, the coolest bikini I've ever owned hands down, my favorite pink Equipment blouse, and a classic red manicure which in my book is still probably my favorite!
Next is, Galina and I from Single Dress working on future endeavors (which is really exciting, and you should check out more at, my Single dress in multi colored sequins, my favorite white pumps, slouchy jeans and the best Harley tank ever made.

Last but not least, pictures of KillitSlayer and I at our friends wedding (which was a BLAST) some beautiful Santa Cruz sunshine through the trees, my post wearing my new multi colored sequin dress, and then some 20 dollar make you holla green raffia sandals!
So there you have it!
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Christa Jayne

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Bloody Mary... said...

Just <3 them all...!!!Great photos!!!Beautiful you...!!!<3
Bloody Mary

allie said...

I am debating whether I should finally invest in an Equipment blouse? WHAT color is the question?! Have you gotten a lot of wear out of the pink, or would you recommend a white?

& stop being so rocker chic. It's actually funny.. I threw on my hipster friends tank this AM & instantly thought of you. I feel like I could see myself rocking a shirt of his once or twice in an outfit post. I'll let you know how it goes! Hopefully I can pull it off as cool as you.

All the love.
Allie at

Kristin Reynolds said...

where on EARTH did you get that bathing suit! Its so cute i love it!!!

Fashion or Famine said...

Thank you Kristin!!
It's a Luli Fama bathing suit and I got it from!! It may be my favorite swimsuit ever!!
Christa Jayne

Brynn Snow said...

Absolutely love the ring!

Brynn Snow of The Runway by D2G Apparel

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